The Breastfeeding Triad Project

For this project, I sought to help mothers breastfeed by educating fathers about breastfeeding through a web-based resource:

I have created this site in an effort to serve an under-represented but extremely important population: fathers of breastfeeding infants.

This site is designed to serve as both an information source and a troubleshooting guide for fathers, in hopes that fathers can then better assist their breastfeeding partners should an issue arise.

This site contains information about:

  • Basic breastfeeding anatomy and physiology
  • Tips for first-time parents
  • How to prepare for a new baby
  • Common breastfeeding problems and solutions
  • When to seek professional help
  • Normal growth, feeding, and sleeping patterns for breastfed babies
  • Local and national breastfeeding resources

The site also contains a variety of downloadable resources, such as:

  • Informational flyers from the Pennsylvania Department of Health
  • An infant growth tracking tool
  • Infant input and output logs
  • Tips about how to create a Nursing Nook
  • Tips about how to maximize social support networks

The Breastfeeding Triad Project is an effort supported by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Penn State Center for Childhood Obesity Research.